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Working Free Classified Ads

Working Free Classified Ads
by Alex Wu

How to make free ads work? This is question of many advertisers. While they need to control advertising budget, free ads do not sound promising and supporting to build business reputation. But it is not that pessimistic. Free ads can also be effective in introducing your product to the market and generate sales, if planned well. There are many free advertising media, mostly we can find on Internet. One of the increasingly popular media is free classified ads. If formerly you can only post classified ads offline, now there is the online version which even works much better.

Online classified ads have advantages over its offline version. Advertisers can afford the inexpensive cost, save more time and energy, and reach wider market range. For information seekers, classified ads make it possible to find better information, compare prices, and save searching time. But free classified ads also have their drawbacks. Since it is economical, the amount of posted ads rises significantly every day. Making the free classified ads work is an issue to advertisers. Therefore, it is important that you maintain some points before making free classified ads as one of your advertising media.

The ads you create have to contain the best information about the product you are offering. Of course this does not mean you can exaggerate the benefits. Instead, the information should comprise product benefits and features. Writing too much can not excite more, if not turn down Audiences' first impression. So just focus on what is enough to assure that the product is promising and then kindle their curiosity. What if they are interested? Provide complete information about your business name, website, phone number, and email. Adding some external links to review of your product and price comparison can also help to support information breadth without writing too much. Do not forget to specify the keywords so that when Audiences search for specific relevant words they can be directed to your ads.

After you are prepared with the advertising concept, find few free classified ad sites to post your ads. It is not effective to post on many sites at once, so just focus on some of the best. How to find them? Just click on search engines and see what turn out on the first pages. This will help to escalate your ads' chances of being seen because they may turn out first when someone clicks the keywords. On the other side, when you have too many lists in hand you are more likely to waste time on non-performing classified ads.

Free classified ads on bad-ranked websites are only read after the best ones. The trade-off is just not enough for the time you spend. Also, do not underestimate new ads. There are tons of them everyday and you can not just sit down to keep the ads work. It is great to update or post new same ads everyday so that they will stay well on the list. Every new ad will submerge yours deeper. Maybe one to two hours per day is enough to keep the ads on list.

More Information:

Alex Wu operates a free classified ads website that lets people post free ads, build groups, and connect. He hopes to create an active environment for businesses to place their jobs.

Source: http://www.PopularArticles.com/article184175.html

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