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Maverick's Grand Canyon Helicopters are Definitely the Five-Star Option!

Maverick's Grand Canyon Helicopters are Definitely the Five-Star Option!
by Lea Fallon

Grand Canyon tours cover all price points, but when you want the best, you should look into Maverick tours. The 5-star tours provided by Maverick are unmatched when it comes to safety, comfort, and service.

Premium Helicopters

All helicopters used by Maverick are EcoStar 130s, the model that's unquestionably the best for sightseeing. These choppers have stadium-style seats so no other passengers block your view. The EcoStar's cabin is 25 percent bigger than conventional helicopters and it comes with a 180-degree windshield so you big, full views of all the Canyon's incredible vistas..

These choppers are quiet too, and thanks to their design, the ride is smooth and comfortable. This allows you to speak easily with your pilot during your tour, and speaking of pilots, Maverick only hires the very best. Plus, the climate control in these choppers is amazing, a fact which you'll really appreciate if you're taking your tour during the summer, when temps can rise to over 100. In short, the EcoStar 130 is ideal for touring the Grand Canyon, and you should book a tour on one if you can.

Departure Cities

The Maverick choppers that go to the South Rim depart near the rim from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, while the choppers that tour the West Rim take off from the Strip in Vegas. The tours out of Vegas have an added bonus of giving you an aerial view of the Strip, plus they are very convenient since the departure point is near the main resorts and hotels in Vegas.

Air-Only And Landing Flights Out Of Vegas

Maverick gives you a choice in tours from Vegas, they can be air-only, or you can land at the West Rim. However, you can only fly on a chopper to the West Rim from Vegas since the South Rim is 277 miles away and too far for a helicopter to make the round trip. The route from Vegas to the West Rim will have you flying over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River and the Canyon. The air-only tours fly over the West Rim then circle back to Vegas. The landing tours can either take you to the top of the rim or the bottom of the canyon.

Maverick's most popular helicopter tours are the ones that land on the bottom. They come with a Champagne picnic and give you at least half an hour to explore the base of the canyon and the Colorado River shoreline. The tours that land on top give you over two hours to explore. Guano Point and Eagle Point are two of the sights you won't want to miss. One flight even comes with VIP access to the all-glass Grand Canyon Skywalk. It's a remarkable place that lets you stand 4,000 feet above the canyon bottom, 70 feet past the edge!

Helicopter Tours Of The South Rim

If you'll be based in Vegas, but you'd prefer seeing the South Rim, Maverick offers a direct plane flight from Sin City to the South Rim. This particular package includes a 2 1/2-hour bus tour inside the National Park.

Helicopter tours of the South Rim depart daily from the Maverick terminal inside the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, which is situated in Tusayan, Arizona. A 30-minute version flies from the South Rim to the North Rim and back. If you have enough time, opt for the 50-minute tour, which is packed with lots of fantastic views. It does everything the shorter flight does, but it also flies all the way to the eastern border of the Park. This particular flight is the one that lets you see up to 75 percent of the National Park once you've landed.!

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Grand Canyon travel specialist Lea Fallon recommends downloading this free report on how to get low-cost helicopter tours She also recommends these Maverick Helicopter packages:


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