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A Guide To The Best Attractions In The City Of Moscow

A Guide To The Best Attractions In The City Of Moscow
by Ben Pate

Moscow is one of those cities you can recognize simply by looking at a picture. The characteristic architecture, the interesting history, and the unique culture are trademark components of Moscow. Moscow is the home to anything related to the government of Russia, making it a symbol of Russia itself. In this city, the modern mixes with the traditional, and symbols of power, wealth, and history are around every corner. Moscow is a great place to take a vacation, but you'll need a passport. While passport purchasing is generally the most dreaded part of trip preparation, getting passports on the Internet completely changes this. Start by filling out an online passport application.

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The Red Square is probably the most recognizable place in Moscow. While this means there will most likely be crowds of tourists, it is still definitely worth a trip to see. In the Square are many other historically significant and special places, so much so that a trip here can potentially take up a whole afternoon, or even a day. St. Basil's Cathedral is located in the Red Square, and in this most recognizable of Squares, this building is probably the most recognizable itself. The swirling colors of the curved spires are unique to Russia, and this grand Cathedral is a symbol of Russia and its people. Tours are available should you wish to go inside, and the inside is just as promising as the outside.

The Kremlin is the hub for government procedure. Kremlins, which roughly translates into "fortress" in English, are government buildings that each city in Russia has. However, Moscow's is easily the grandest and most breathtaking. The Kremlin of Moscow is full of culturally and historically important places and such, and, once again, a trip here is definitely capable of taking up a whole day. The Church of the Assumption, where many of Russia's czars were crowned, is located inside the Kremlin, and the State Armory houses Russia's state jewels. Also be sure not to miss the Czar Bell and Cannon.

Probably one of the most visited sites in all of Moscow is Lenin's Mausoleum. The embalmed body of Lenin is visited religiously by the inhabitants and visitors of Moscow alike, and has been since his death in 1924. Believe it or not, the Moscow Metro is something that is a highly recommended place to visit, as the walls and tunnels feature works of art that represent the culture of Russia.

While the subjects of history and politics are the main themes of Moscow, there is more to experience outside of this realm. For instance, the Moscow Zoo is a great place to visit. This zoo is the oldest and largest zoo in Russia, and it features over 1000 different animals to meet. Moscow also has two famous circuses that regularly perform. The Kva Kva Water Park is a fun way to spend a day, and the beautiful maintained parks, such as Park Sokoloniiki, are perfect for picnics.

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